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Name D.A.R.R.E.N.
Status pre-alpha
Play Telnet or Web
Website http://darrenmud.weebly.com/
Connected Players 0

Welcome to planet Darr, specifically Dhernar village. This is a small village of humble people of the Darian race. It is situated on a dug-out part of a massive asteroid, floating in the ocean of the planet. A great cataclysm many years ago almost destroyed the entire planet, but we survived. Now there are many islands and floating asteroids with Darrian settlements on them. Recently the evil Uharin arrived from outer space ! I have no idea where they came from, but they're here now and they've taken over. They've enslaved a large number of people from towns, farms, anywhere. They keep some of us alive, though. I believe they still need workers to collect resources and make things. They have some kind of evil plan, I'm sure. Hey, enough of the bad news. Here's the good news ! Here in Dhernar there are four Profession Halls. They belong to the militia soldier, security officer, fortune teller, and gadget maker professions. The clerk in each hall has the job of trading resources for items. You will find different items available at each hall, catering to different skills (attack, defence, psionics, crafting). To get an item you may need to have trained a skill to a certain amount, as well as have the required resources. You can see your stats easy enough. You gain resources and XP by slaughtering the enemies of the Darian people. Training psionics will let you purchase psigems containing powers such as invisibility or summon minion. Training crafting will let you purchase guns and grenades. There's also a trader in town. He can swap some resources for other resources. You will find dungeon entrances. Sometimes these are simply buildings with cellars. There is also a graveyard and crypt a little way south and west. Eventually you will find a way to leave Dhernar village and find other islands with more adventure.