Evennia Game Index

The Evennia Game Index is an automatically generated list of games built with Evennia. If you know of a game that is not listed, please contact the staff and let them know that this exists.

To list your own game, see the Evennia Game Index client contrib in the official Evennia repository. If you see something amiss with this page or a listing, please file an issue on our issue tracker. If you have questions or would like to see more of the Evennia community, feel free to join us on our Forum or IRC room.

Game Name Blurb Conn Play
Arx beta MUX-style game in an original fantasy setting 88 Telnet or Webclient
Destiny's Coda pre-alpha A PvE-focused, Multiplayer, Rogue-like, Tactical RPG 1 Webclient
Evdemo The Evennia demo server 1 Telnet or Webclient
Ithir alpha High fantasy MUSH in an original setting 0 Telnet or Webclient
Ruins of Crestil alpha A medieval-era post-fantasy-apocolypse MUD. 0 Telnet or Webclient