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Name Monsters and Materials
Status Beta
Play Telnet (mnm.glassdragon.xyz:4444) or Webclient
Website https://mnm.glassdragon.xyz
Connected Players 0

Monsters and Materials is a game about fighting monsters and gathering materials so you can get better gear to fight harder monsters. Heck yeah.


  • ENTIRELY gear-based progression, where all gear is crafted only. It's monsters and materials, not monsters and loot drops!

  • A slowly growing and dynamic crafting system. Customize your gear with potion enhancements, craft ingredient-aware foods and decorations, and more is in the works!

  • Light base-building mechanics: found a new town with your friends (or friendly strangers) and work together to upgrade the town square.

  • Procedurally-generated dungeon instances - people can join the same dungeon you're in, but once everyone leaves, it resets.

Planned features:

  • More housing customization, like painting the walls and laying flooring.

  • Pets! Tame wild animals or maybe even monsters; take them with you on adventures or let them say home.

  • Fishing, vanity clothing, and more!