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Name Secrets of Aelandris
Status Pre-alpha
Play Not open to players (yet)
Website None
Connected Players 1
    Several decades ago, the Blight, a cataclysm of unimaginable proportions,
    devoured most of the known world.

    The survivors gathered in Altheria, the Last Bastion, to rebuild. They find
    themselves under the protection of the Barrier, a wall of light that seems to
    keep the Blight out, but whose nature is not fully understood.

    Set against this backdrop, Aelandris is a completely original world built
    with care and attention to detail, and dripping with mystery and wonder.

    The Historians' Guild seeks to understand the calamity, while the Explorers'
    Guild seeks to rediscover the lost secrets of the Ancients. The Thaumaturges
    study the ways of High Magic while the Shadowmages seek to draw raw power from
    the Void. Dozens of other guilds and factions vie towards their own ends in an
    uncertain world while off in the space between spaces a Beast is wrenched
    awake by the roiling of the Ether and the Dreams of its inhabitants.

    Join us, tell your story, and unravel the Secrets of Aelandris.