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Name Machine Garden
Status Pre-alpha
Play Telnet (https://gardenmud.com:2048) or Webclient
Website https://gardenmud.com
Connected Players 1

Machine Garden is set on an island nation known as the Three Sisters. The world is gradually recovering from an apocalyptic war that has left humanity in shambles, weak and unprepared, easy prey for the dangers that stretch closer by the day. The bones of ancient skyscrapers jut from broken cities, exposed to the elements and overgrown with plantlife. You have left the safety of the vaults and arrive in the surface world, a wonderful, dreadful place where you can learn numerous vocations and join one of the nine guilds, from physics-altering arcanists to fierce rangers and word-wielding keepers. ~|~|~ We're currently in pre-alpha testing in a server open for all to build and play, and we're always looking for more writers. We're screenreader-friendly; even our mini-map has a screenreader-friendly alternative. To learn more, visit our website. To join our discord server, open this invite. Finally, to dive into our lore document, click here! Take care & don't let the undead bite.