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Name Microcosm
Status Pre-alpha
Play Not open to players (yet)
Website None
Connected Players 0

A social MUX-style game, Microcosm is about working your way up the social ladder.

The domains that make up Microcosm live in different time periods, and are influenced by different cultures, but some things are constant - like influence and money. Meet people, gain standing, invest in property and commodities, and watch your wealth and statusgrow, even when you're not logged in and in character..

Microcosm is in the very early stages of being ported from TinyMUX to Evennia, but will be open for connections from Autumn 2019. Early adopters and contributors are welcome and are eligble for considerable game benefits and bonuses.

Please email hawksmoor@microcosm.org.uk for more details, or speak to Algernon in the Evennia IRC and Discord channels.