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Name Ruins of Crestil
Status Pre-alpha
Play Telnet (ruinsofcrestil.com:8000) or Webclient
Website ruinsofcrestil.com
Connected Players 0

Ruins of Crestil is a traditional MUD set in a post-apocalyptic high fantasy world. Join forces with the struggling remnants of humanityin a world overrun by darkness - explore an uncharted world where every expedition is sure to be different from the last. Fight, gather,craft, and build, team up with friends and allies to establish settlements in the unforgiving wilderness.

Pairing the unriveled thrill and adventure of the classic MUD with many of the more familiar mechanics of a modern-day MMO, ROC seeks tobring the joy of MUDding to a new generation of gamers. With an emphasis on intuitive interface and quality of life features like questtracking, we hope to open the world of MUDs to all types of players, all without compromising the open-ended and fully-customizable experienceonly a MUD can offer.

We are currently seeking players and play-testers to help inform continuing development. Come check us out!